Due to my own problems, I am not very confident about my appearance. For example, my eyes are not big enough and my face is not small enough, especially when I am influenced by the fashion entertainment scene. My skin causes no surgery, so I’m looking for other ways to enhance facial attractiveness besides cosmetic surgery to help a new generation of young people (aged:15-30) to increase their awareness of the beauty and discover their own beauty rather than singleness Worship a kind of beauty.

This is a new APP that  I created.

APP dress: ( only phone)

current issue: I can invite a lot of people into my account and i can talk each other , but i can’t put them together to talk and listen to the audio at the same time.


Therefore,  i find the new app which i can use it as a base area to built my community.

I used this app to create  a community (opening the talking room 实时的)and invited someone who are interesting this topic or they can enter my community when they saw it and  to listen to the audio and then communite.

Intervention process

  1.  New question: How can Chinese women gain confidence in relation to their facial attractiveness using non-surgical methods?
  2. Finding the strong story and telling my facial problem story: Last year, I had a very serious allergic reaction on my face. Every day, my face was red and swollen, and I had to wear a hat when I went out. This situation lasted for more than half a year, and I was not confident.
  3. Making the audio shortly,  I edited it to 1 minute.
  4. Testing audio: invite stakerholder and some people work in different industry  to listen the audio, give me feedback.
  5. Intervention app: creative a community to invite  people who are  not  confidence with their facial beaut, share each other story and interface people.



Tutorial meeting —-

  1. First problem is: my MA question is quite long, should be short.                             my question is : how can the facial attractiveness of Chinese  women be increased through  non-surgical methods in order to improve  confidence and satisfaction of Chinese young people in their own beauty?  
  2. My project content should tell stories to audiences,and how to use the power stories to spread and influence the audiences?
  3. For the intervention, should I create communicate as a digital app.