Intervention develpoment

last Monday, I received Richie’s criticism in relation to my intervention method,  he also recommended  investigate WABI SABI which is another concept related to beauty standards. WABI SABI is an integral part of Japanese aesthetic consciousness and generally refers to simple and quiet things.

I changed my intervention and question more than 5 times during this week, and I still did not decide yet.

Old question:

How can the non-physical facial attractiveness of Chinese women be highlighted to raise their awareness on the alternative approach (besides plastic surgery) to enhance their attractiveness?

How can the facial attractiveness of Chinese women be enhanced by non-physical methods (besides plastic surgery) and how can we raise awareness of non-surgical approaches to beauty?

New question:

How can  increase  the facial  attractiveness of Chinese  women  through  non-surgical in order to improve  the confidence and satisfaction of Chinese young people in their own beauty?

How can the facial attractiveness of Chinese  women be increased through  non-surgical methods in order to improve  confidence and satisfaction of Chinese young people in their own beauty?

Intervention Develpoment

1.Should set-up two groups ,one that spends time to look at magazines and another which does not  to compare media influence on beauty. yourself  campaign :set-up group, one looks at beauty magazines ,the other looks at own body positive campaign, and then compare which group uses more make-up.

A test group is separated in two. One half is given access to general magazines available on the high street and the other is given access to body positive images where natural beauty is celebrated (e.g the dove ‘love yourself’ campaign) after a set time participants should then enter the room. I think this way we can determine whether current publications impact our perception of beauty-and if the group shown ‘natural beauty’ use less make-up having not been subject to conceived perceptions of beauty.

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