new intervention

Since last tutorial, i got one  useful advice from my tutor Richie  ———using sounds.  I’m thinking could i use sounds(audio) to display my intervention?  my question is : how can the facial attractiveness of Chinese  women be increased through  non-surgical methods in order to improve  confidence and satisfaction of Chinese young people in their own beauty?  Therefore, for the intervention’s question is :how can sounds(audio) powerfully influence(change) our conception  of beauty?   then created  new interventions a game: I recorded the voice about Chinese facial beauty   and nature beauty, and then invite Chinese young women to listen to this audio,and then compare two groups:one has listened,one has not.  
here i put the audio(sounds).

100 words

How can the facial attractiveness of Chinese women be increased through non-surgical methods in order to improve confidence and satisfaction of Chinese young people in their own beauty ?
The proposed intervention is to create a social media (via Wechat) channel. The channel contains
a recorded talk by a beauty magazine editor on the intrinsic advantages of Chinese women͛s natural beauty over the artificial counterpart. The audio is expected to excite conversations
the aforementioned ͚how-can͛ question between potential Chinese users who lacked self-confidence and opted for the plastic surgery, and ultimately shift their perception of facial

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