showcase reflection

my question is : how can the facial attractiveness of Chinese  women be increased through  non-surgical methods in order to improve  confidence and satisfaction of Chinese young people in their own beauty?           Therefore, for the intervention’s question is : how can sounds(audio) powerfully influence(change) our conception  of beauty?

Intervention showcase 



Feedback by stakeholders :

1.How can sound make an impact ?

2.Sound should be downsized to 1 min.

3.Do you think sound is enough ?

4.International app, such as facebook, or instagram.

  1. The impact of ‘sound’ to demonstrate the proposed intervention should be better highlighted.
  2. The length of the audio file can be downsized to within 1 min – less is more.
  3. The efficacy of the proposed method should be more rigorously tested, for example by more experiments.
  4. Although Wechat is a popular social media in China, it is still new to the audience in the UK. Building the channel on Facebook, instagram or Youtube may be more efficient to spread the outcome of this study.


Revised intervention

Thanks to the advices and feedback from the tutors (Richie and Richard), my intervention will be revised accordingly. The details of the changes I planed to make are as follows. I will compress the sounds (audio) using editing software to make it more concise. I will introduce more variables for the interviewee, whom can have different background, and can come from different industry. I will explore the possibility of multi-platform channel for example on Weichat, Facebook, Instagram , Youtube, etc. I hope this intervention to help a new generation of young people (aged:15-30 years old ) to increase their awareness of the beauty and discover their own beauty rather than singleness worship a kind of beauty.



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