Intervention process

  1.  New question: How can Chinese women gain confidence in relation to their facial attractiveness using non-surgical methods?
  2. Finding the strong story and telling my facial problem story: Last year, I had a very serious allergic reaction on my face. Every day, my face was red and swollen, and I had to wear a hat when I went out. This situation lasted for more than half a year, and I was not confident.
  3. Making the audio shortly,  I edited it to 1 minute.
  4. Testing audio: invite stakerholder and some people work in different industry  to listen the audio, give me feedback.
  5. Intervention app: creative a community to invite  people who are  not  confidence with their facial beaut, share each other story and interface people.



Translation: 1. about language, you should think someone do not understand      English

2. They thought the intervention can be improved by content with a story and the demonstration of the intervention can be carried out on social media app to better spread its influence.

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